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Nicolas Cage's Slasher Freakout 'Mandy' Makes Prog Rock Kick Ass

The Nicolas Cage-starring action movie is actually a story of grief and its Jóhann Jóhannsson's doomy music that tells that story.


Let's Talk About That Weird Ass Nav Verse on 'ASTROWORLD'

The album cut "Yosemite" shows how rap's recording process has been influenced by the raw sound of mixtapes.


Breaking Down Drake's Defining Moment of Chill With Boi-1da

Five years on, we analyse "Pound Cake" with the man who produced it, and learn how Boi-1da and Drake's creative process has matured leading up to 'Scorpion.'


I Am Still Livid About the Shitty Drum Sound on Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag"

A deep dive into what this alt-rock classic's terrible snare tone has in common with 311 and Limp Bizkit.


Lil Yachty Still Can't Escape the Innocent, Innovative Sound of 'Lil Boat'

'Lil Boat 2' finds the young Atlanta rapper largely succeeding at making minor-key trap, but perhaps he was more refreshing rapping over happier video game samples.


The First Song on Radiohead’s Debut Album Predicted Their Future Greatness

‘Pablo Honey’ turns 25 this week, and its opener “You” set the template for the weirdness that Radiohead would follow for years to come.


Soulja Boy's "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" Warned Us That Phone Sex Is a Chore

The song was ten years ahead of its time, but its counterpart "Turn My Swag On" suggests a different kind of love that's equally relevant to now. It also totally borrows from Toto's "Africa."


Björk Uses Her Voice Like an Army Horn for Earth Spirits

On 'Utopia,' the Icelandic icon doubles down on her triad melodies and her quasi-ASMR obsession.


There Are No Good Halloween Songs Except for This Lost Will Smith Classic

I’m tired of hearing “Monster Mash” every year, give me the Fresh Prince.