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Trump Campaign's Ad Showing 'Real' American Workers Actually Uses Foreign Stock Photos

The MAGA team used Turkish stock photos of a bearded hipster and a Japanese coffee shop instead of finding "real" Americans to appear in its ads.
Jelisa Castrodale
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This Guy Claims His MAGA Hat Is Part of His 'Spiritual Beliefs'

Greg Piatek says he was kicked out of a bar for "adhering to his closely held spiritual beliefs by adorning the hat in question".
Drew Schwartz
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See Miguel's "Shitty Emo Cover" of "Make America Great Again" by Pussy Riot

Try to keep your composure.
Lauren O'Neill

What It Means to Be English in 2017

As Brexit Britain fractures, UKIP are hoping to make a revival of Englishness their version of "Make America Great Again".
Angus Harrison

We Talked to a Guy Who Went to the Inauguration on Acid

He was still tripping balls when we spoke.
Allison Tierney

Artist Trolls Trump Town with "MAGA" Billboard Written in Arabic

The same billboard read “Vote Trump” for weeks prior to the election.
Annie Armstrong

Kanye West vs. Donald Trump: Who Has the Best Merchandise?

Kanye West, Donald Trump: both giants in the world of merchandising. But who is the most giant? Who is the giantest?
Joel Golby
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We Asked an Expert What We Actually Know About Donald Trump's Foreign Policy

Between the platitudes and contradictions, the Republican frontrunner has offered hints of an embryonic security strategy.
Mike Pearl
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I Lived on Trump Products for a Week to See if It Would Make Me Great Again

For five days, everything I ate, drank, wore, read, and watched had Donald Trump's name or face on them.
River Donaghey