Malcolm X


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Though 'I Am Not Your Negro' doesn't address Baldwin's homosexuality, it was integral to his political philosophy in ways that can give us hope today.


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3 Black Women Photographers Capture the Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement

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Muhammad Ali Redefined Black Masculinity in America

When he rhymed, we rhymed too, believing that we could spit homespun verse to proclaim our majesty. We too could "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee." We too could "rumble, young man, rumble." We too could say that we "shook up the world."


Muhammad Ali's Conversion to Islam Changed the World

For my father and many others, it wasn't what Ali did in the ring that made him the Greatest of All Time—it was the decision to convert to Islam.


What Malcolm X Would Say About Donald Trump

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When Malcolm X Met the Nazis

The strange alliance between the Nation of Islam and the American Nazi Party.