Manchester City

Row Z

Suffocating Aesthetic Perfection: The Manchester City Paradox

The better the Premier League champions get, the more boring they become.
Hydall Codeen
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Only Leicester's Brendan Rodgers Can Derail the Pep Express

The former Liverpool boss finally has a chance to bring the league title home to Anfield.
Hydall Codeen
Row Z

At Least Man City’s Tottenham Defeat Gives Them a Problem to Fix

Tuesday night saw Pep Guardiola's side lack quality and focus, but maybe the best opponent City can face now is themselves.
Hydall Codeen

Steve McManaman, The First British Galactico

Though he was an unlikely superstar in many ways, Steve McManaman was the harbinger of the Galacticos era. Here’s how the scampish former Spice Boy ushered in a lavish age at Real Madrid.
Will Magee
shite derby streaks

Football Clubs’ Worst Ever Streaks Against Their Derby Rivals

With Atletico Madrid suffering yet more pain in Europe at the hands of intra-city rivals Real, we take a look at the worst derby streaks of all time.
Will Magee
the urge to merge

When Two Remain Two: A Potted History of Failed Football Club Mergers

Plans to merge two football clubs are rarely popular and tend to founder, often in the face of overwhelming fan opposition. Here, we revisit some of the grand alliances that never came to pass.
Jim Weeks
oh rocky rocky

The Life and Legacy of Rocky Rocastle In The Words of His Son and Ian Wright

In March 2001, Arsenal legend and fan favourite David Rocastle died from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at only 33 years of age. We spoke to his son Ryan and former teammate Ian Wright about his life and career.
Will Magee
Manchester City

Whereabouts Violations Reveal Larger Flaws of English Football's Anti-Doping Efforts

Manchester City's £35,000 fine says an awful lot about English football's anti-doping system.
Aaron Gordon
Carli Lloyd

Carli Lloyd Signs Short-Term Deal with Manchester City in the Women's Super League

The US women's national team star will play in the Champions League for the first time, and wants to promote the American NWSL on British soil.
Patrick Sauer
relegation shocks and surprises

Too Good To Go Down: The Best Sides Relegated From The English Top Flight

Over the decades, there have been some truly shocking relegations on these shores. Man City, Middlesbrough, Leeds United – these are the sides who were too good to go down.
Will Magee
the rumour mill

Why Are Football Clubs Actively Engaging With Transfer Rumours?

In the form of ‘Insider’ columns and ‘Media Watch’, football clubs are embroiling themselves in the swirling maelstrom of transfer gossip. So, what’s in it for them?
Will Magee
samir nasri

Samir Nasri's Sexy Time Tweets Get Him in Hot Water with Doping Officials

Nasri went to a wellness clinic, his account started tweeting out tales of sexual favours, and then the Spanish anti-doping agency came along.
Patrick Sauer