Manchester United

Row Z

Spare a Thought for the Special One

An obituary for Jose Mourinho.
Hydall Codeen

Exorcising Ghosts in the Premier League's Nostalgia Machine

Are Man United and Arsenal finally ready to escape the shadows of the recent past?
Hydall Codeen

Understanding Mark Goldbridge, Football's New Online Hero

As Manchester United spirals, one man provides an anchor for the club.
Hydall Codeen

Big Respect to Man U: This Weekend in the Premier League

With Man United losing to West Brom this weekend, the title race is officially over. Massive respect to them for the way they fucked up the finale for Manchester City.
Will Magee
diego costa's instagram

How Social Media Has Become a Tool of Psychological Warfare During the Transfer Window

With Diego Costa flaunting an Atletico Madrid shirt on Instagram this week, it’s clear that social media has become another medium for transfer mind games. So how effective is it?
Will Magee
the legend of golden balls

How David Beckham Became Football’s First Truly Global Brand

Though many players of the nineties and noughties were at least as iconic as Beckham, and several more talented, ‘Golden Balls’ broke the corporate mould like no other. Here’s how he ceased to be a footballer and became a brand instead.
Will Magee
football kits

Why Are People So Obsessed With New Football Kits?

Despite the fact that kit launches are little more than PR stunts and the strips themselves are increasingly generic, the circus which surrounds the arrival of new kits still thrives. Why are we still interested?
Will Magee
top flight tinnies

When Manchester United and Liverpool Launched Their Own Lagers, and Failed

While it may seem implausible now, some of the biggest clubs in England once attempted to brand their own tinnies. Accused of encouraging hooliganism and drunkenness, they were forced to back down.
Ryan Herman
europa league final

The Contrasts of The Europa League Final Show Something Has Gone Badly Wrong With English Football

When Manchester United meet Ajax on Wednesday evening, it will be more than a showcase Europa League final. It will be a clash of philosophies, and one which reflects badly on the Premier League.
Will Magee
dirk kuyt

Five Years and One Eredivisie Title Later, Liverpool Fans Still Love Dirk Kuyt

Despite a fairly average goal tally and only one major trophy in six years of service, Dirk Kuyt is a character who resonates with Liverpool fans and, vice versa, seems to appreciate the Scouse way of life.
Will Magee
shite derby streaks

Football Clubs’ Worst Ever Streaks Against Their Derby Rivals

With Atletico Madrid suffering yet more pain in Europe at the hands of intra-city rivals Real, we take a look at the worst derby streaks of all time.
Will Magee
antisemitism in english football

Trying To Get Our Heads Around Mark Bosnich’s Nazi Salute At White Hart Lane

While most people remember Bosnich as the cherubic goalkeeper with the stonking cocaine habit, his most controversial moment in football is often overlooked or ignored.
Will Magee