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The Canadian Government’s Weed Legalization Plan Is a Lot Harsher Than Expected

Selling to a minor could be punished by up to 14 years in jail.
Manisha Krishnan

​How Weed Is Helping Opioid Users Beat Addiction

A growing body of experts and patients say cannabis should be prescribed before painkillers.
Manisha Krishnan

No, Weed Doesn't Make You a Better Driver

"If you go back 40 to 50 years, people thought, <i>I'm only going to have a drink or two because it relaxes me, so I'm a safer driver, a calmer driver.</i>"
Jake Kivanc

We Talked to a Doctor Who Treats 'Cannabis Use Disorder'

The National Institute on Drug Abuse says 9 percent of marijuana users will abuse it.
Manisha Krishnan
tea time with t. kid

A Podcast on Weed Entrepreneurship with a Side of Raw Vegan Edibles

This week on 'Tea Time with T. Kid', our host chats with Michael Zaystev, a cannabis entrepreneur who runs an unexpected business.
T. Kid

Is It Offensive to Call Someone a 'Stoner'?

Some marijuana activists suggest the language used by most people to describe their movement is keeping them from being taken seriously.
Manisha Krishnan
The Holy Cow Issue

What Would a World with Legal Weed Look Like?

While many think of legal weed as an unmitigated good, legalisation and regulation could present hardship for some.
Krishna Andavolu
tea time with t. kid

Burning 24-Karat Golden Blunt Wraps with a Weed Reporter

In the first episode of our new podcast 'Tea Time with T. Kid', the titular host and weed expert drinks tests out fancy blunt wraps with cannabis writer David Bienenstock.
T. Kid

Why We're In the 'Golden Age' of Selling Weed, According to Dealers

In US states where weed is popular and partially decriminalised, its illegal status means profit margins are high – good news for dealers.
Zach Sokol

This Drug Smuggler and 'Hippie Mafia' Leader Is a Weed Legalisation Movement Veteran

In the 1960s, Richard Stratton distributed thousands of pounds of weed and worked for 'High Times'. His memoir tells his story of straddling the criminal and literary worlds.
Seth Ferranti

Medical Marijuana Users in Canada Can Legally Grow Their Own Weed Now

A Federal Court judge says former prime minister Stephen Harper's law restricting patients from growing is unconstitutional.
Manisha Krishnan
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Canadian Police Apologized After Freaking Out Over 'Shatter,' a.k.a. Concentrated Weed

No, there is not an epidemic of children overdosing on hash oil.
Manisha Krishnan