How Bread Is Helping These Refugees Start New Lives in London

Breadwinners employs refugees to sell bread in markets around London. The idea is simple: bread as a food is unifying, and selling it can provide vital employment skills.
Naomi Larsson

How Our Parents Spent 20 Years Pursuing the Perfect Pork Bun

Mum and Dad began selling char sui bao, a type of steamed pork bun, from their market stall in Christchurch nearly 20 years ago. Since then, they have been constantly honing the recipe to create a perfectly plump and puffy bun.
Amy and Julie Zhang

How Crossrail 2 Could Destroy One of London’s Oldest Indoor Markets

As proposals for the new rail network threaten bulldoze Tooting Market, we speak to its longstanding food traders and business owners about what the future holds.
Daisy Meager
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Gözleme and Gungo Peas at a 19th Century Street Market

Welcome to The Last Bite, our new column documenting the survival of traditional food establishments in a ramen-slurping, matcha latte-sipping, novelty cafe-obsessed world. First, we visit London's Ridley Road Market.
Maya Oppenheim

Why Romanians No Longer Love Killing Pigs

People in Romania aren't buying and killing their own pigs any more, a fact the merchants at the Brănești pig fair can't escape.
Mădălin Istrate

Colourful Photos from One Of Eastern Europe's Biggest Car Boot Sales

If there's one thing that can bring people from all cultures together, it's a market full of weird but reasonably priced stuff.
Hadju Tamas
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Fresh Rose Petal Tea and Seafood in Tunis' Largest Market

Since Marché Market was first established in 1891 in Tunis, almost 600 today vendors sell their products, including fish, fruits, and vegetables, spices, poultry, meat, dairy, dried goods, and flowers, under a criss-cross of miniature Tunisian flags.
Sarah Souli

Art Trends: Artists Are Corporations Too

What explains our modern move towards market-minded makers?
Emerson Rosenthal

Talking to People on the Streets of Molenbeek, Brussels' 'Terrorist Hotbed'

While Brussels was on lockdown yesterday morning, Molenbeek was not. The market on the Hertogin van de Brabantplein was filled with shouting salesmen. "I have to make a living; that attack has already happened now," said a Flemish baker.
Paul Schram, Photos: Bertrand Vandeloise
Who Actually Listens To...

Humans of the CD Street Stall: Who Still Buys Pirated Discs?

The Indonesian government's recent crackdown on online and streaming music websites hasn't seemed to have affected the pirate CD stalls of Jakarta.

The People and Sweatshops Behind Argentina’s Largest Textile Fair

Photographer Sarah Pabst talks about her experience documenting the market known as La Salada.
Sarah Pabst

Chart a World Map Made of the Most Expensive Paintings on Earth

This atlas is obscene.
Nathaniel Ainley