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A Brief History of That Kickass Flute Sample on Future’s “Mask Off”

The surprising story starts at an MLK-themed musical, goes to Atmosphere and ends up at... Swedish rap?
Phil Witmer

How an Unfinished James Baldwin Manuscript Became a Documentary Film

'I Am Not Your Negro' director Raoul Peck links Baldwin’s ideas to issues still surrounding race and poverty in America today.
Charlie Schmidlin

Celebrate MLK Weekend With This Iconic Edition of FELT Zine

The center piece of Mark Digital's 'King's Dream' issue is a black bust covered in roses.
Nathaniel Ainley
Vice Blog

Andrew W.K. on Loving Your Enemy

How an unspeakable act of kindness changed my life forever.
Andrew W.K.

We're Still Marching Towards MLK's Promised Land

Martin Luther King Jr's dream of equality in America has been deferred. It's up to us to fight to make it a reality.
Wilbert L. Cooper

A History of the King Family's Attempt to Clear the Name of James Earl Ray

Martin Luther King's son and convicted killer were on friendly terms.
Mike Pearl

Fifty Years After Selma, Civil Rights in Alabama Are Still in Rough Shape

You'd think that by now Alabama would be tired of being the state where marginalised Americans have to demand their dignity the loudest.
Mike Pearl

The Weird and Fraudulent World of Catholic Relics

For centuries, some Christians have venerated the bodies and possessions of saints, but more often than not, there's no way to tell whether something is St. Peter's skull or a really old potato.
Rick Paulas

Where Does the Black Lives Matter Movement Go From Here?

After a rough stretch defined by the murder of two cops in Brooklyn, can the police reform crowd actually bring changes to the criminal justice system?
John Surico
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch a Pre-Teen Kanye West Read a Poem About Martin Luther King

Get a load of baby Yeezus.
Emma Garland
This Week in Racism

Is It Possible to Make the Academy Awards More Diverse?

The Academy snubbed minority actors and filmmakers this year, but the problem runs deeper than black faces not holding little gold statues.
Dave Schilling
This Week in Racism

The Miley Cyrus Vs. MLK Conundrum

I had a dream after the VMAs, but I'd rather not discuss it.
Dave Schilling