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Britain Through the Eyes of the Photographer Who Knows It Best

Ahead of the UK leaving the EU, the National Portrait Gallery is showing a major exhibit of Martin Parr's work.
Daisy Schofield

An Exclusive First Look at Martin Parr's New Photo Series On Oxford University

The photographer spent two years documenting life at "the jewel in the crown of the British establishment".
Bruno Bayley
st george's day

England's Biggest St George's Day Parade, Through the Lens of Martin Parr

The legendary Magnum photographer went to the country's largest St George's Day parade, in West Bromwich.
Martin Parr

Martin Parr Is Going to Be On TV Forever

The celebrated photographer has designed BBC One's new idents.
Josh Baines

Why People Love to Take Photos of Britain Looking Shit

The 'Shit Britain' style of photography – Pukka pies, pot holes and pre-pubescents posing with pricked footballs on tower block stairwells – proves there can be hope in sentimentality.
Josh Baines
food photography

Martin Parr Doesn't Mind If You Instagram Your Lunch

Waxy sausages, tinned vegetables, white bread: the work of iconic British photographer Martin Parr is the antithesis of the carefully arranged avocado on toast shot. We met over steak and chips to ask what he makes of the #foodporn proliferating social...
Tom Jenkins
Ink Spots

Café Royal Publish Exactly One Great Photobook Every Week

That's quite a lot for a publisher run by just one guy, so we asked him how he does it.
Amelia Abraham
The Fiction Issue 2008

King of the Wild Frontier

New fiction by John Romano.
John Romano
The Fiction Issue 2008

Employees of the Month

Our 2014 fiction issue features new work by David Mamet, Michel Gondry, James Franco and many others we love.
VICE Staff

The English Way

An examination of modern-day England's "closet patriots" – by Martin Parr and Kate Fox.
Martin Parr & Kate Fox