Mass Incarceration


The Story of 03 Greedo, a Genius in Exile

We followed the West coast rapper one week before he turned himself in for a 20 year prison sentence, halting his rise as the standard-bearer of L.A.'s rap scene.


Here's Fresh Evidence the Drug War Is a 'Horrific Failure'

"The international drug control system promised a world free of drugs, but has delivered the exact opposite."


Florida's Prisoners Are Getting Screwed Out of $11 Million of Music They Purchased

A new multimedia tablet program means that inmates will be unable to keep the .mp3s and players they purchased under a previous for-profit program.


Meek Mill Is Getting Screwed

The Philly rapper's continued legal troubles are a dangerous fallacy and a reminder of a historically unjust legal system in America.


The Uncertain Fate of Jails and Prisons Under Trump

A field trip to jails and prisons after Trump's election suggests criminal justice reform will continue even if the feds don't make it easy.


What Happened When a Prison Brought in a Brain Injury Specialist

We got an early peak at the numbers from a new study of brain injuries in an American prison, and they aren't pretty.


Why the Friendships You Make in Prison Should Stay Behind Bars

In federal prison, you form friendships with unlikely people. What happens after that is sensitive.


Inmates Explain How They'd Run Prisons

A new report on how Texas prisons can improve is unique: It was written solely by prisoners.


Why Is It So Hard to Fix a Violent Jail?

Inmates are dying preventable deaths as the feds try to get local sheriffs in line.


Ty Dolla $ign Premieres His Documentary 'FREE TC,' a Short Film About His Brother's Incarceration

"This is really more than just an album; it’s about a movement. This documentary is meant to give the world a closer look at TC's story and what I'm trying to do with this album."


​What It’s Like to Get a Medical Marijuana Card as an Ex-Convict

"I've been locked up for a nickel bag of weed before, so to be able to walk around without the fear of the police bothering you is great. Getting weed [legally] is like a blessing."


We Need More Than Hope to Overcome White Supremacy

At worst, hope can be a balm that only hides deep lacerations. It's used to soothe the shock of inequality, instead of actually addressing the legacy of oppression.