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A Man Burned Down a Massage Parlour Because it 'Smelled Like Semen'

The 37-year-old has now been sentenced to 20 months in prison.
Gavin Butler
Internet Exploring

These Big-Ass Headphones Massage Your Ears and Look Cool as Fuck

They're called NIRVANA. That's the name of them.
Dan Ozzi
A Day In The Life

What It's Like to Work in a Thai Massage Parlour

"I've often had men threaten me, when I told them we don't give happy endings."
Nikita Velasquez

Between Agony and Ecstasy: Portraits of People Getting a Massage

What complete relaxation looks like when your cheeks are pressed together between two unforgiving cushions.
Chris Bethell, Words: Elektra Kotsoni

Awash in a Sea of Humanity at the 2015 New York Comic Con

VICE art editor Nick Gazin reports on all the superheroes, anime cosplayers, and Christian proselytisers at the 2015 NYCC.
Nick Gazin

Meet the Artist Teaching Happy Ending Massages in an Australian Pub

Adam Seymour is an artist, a published author, a pinup, and an instructor in Taoist genital massage.
Annabel Ross

Visiting the Massage Parlour in Thailand That Only Employs Ex-Cons

The Chiang Mai Women's Massage Centre by Ex-Prisoners helps female inmates transition back into the real world – and for £3.50, it gives one of the best massages in the country.
Beau Flemister

Finding Happy Endings on the Yelp of Asian Massage Parlours

Asian erotic massage parlours are mushrooming across Middle America, helped along by a thriving online community of men with disposable cash and an hour to spare.
Grace Wyler
The Sundaes Issue

Ass Invaders: One Man's Quest to Milk His Own Prostate

I did it because I didn't wanna get cancer and my friend Ben took photos.
James Knight; Photos: Ben Rayner