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Kanye West Donated $73,540 to a Chance-Endorsed Mayoral Candidate

The donation allows Amara Enyia to be included on the ballot, but West's open affection and admiration for Donald Trump confuses matters.
Alex Robert Ross
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Louisiana Mayor Who Banned Nike: JK, LOL

It only took Kenner mayor Ben Zahn a week to rescind his memo after facing protests from locals and pressure from the ACLU.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

WWE's Kane Might Actually Be the Next Mayor of a Tennessee County

He just won the Republican primary in Knox County's mayoral election, and he's set to chokeslam his Democratic opponent into oblivion.
Drew Schwartz
The Restless Youth Issue

Auckland's Youngest Mayoral Candidate Didn't Win, but Will She Make It to Parliament?

Chlöe Swarbrick came third in a field of 19, but even this was an achievement.
James Borrowdale

The Mayor of Dover Is Your New Favourite Mayor

The mayor of Dover has been caught up in a blackmail scandal after a video of him snorting *something* emerged.
Joel Golby

How Boris Johnson Fucked London, and How the Next Mayor Could Fix It

From housing and transport to business and culture, BoJo hasn't left London in the best state. Here are some ways the next mayor could right those wrongs.
Mark Wilding

The Legacy Boris Johnson Will Leave for the Women of London

Before the mayor leaves office, let's take a look at what state he's leaving London in for its female inhabitants.
Frankie Mullin

Why Labour Members Are Finding it Hard to Sell Sadiq Khan to Voters

A Tory smear campaign and a lack of charisma means Labour campaigners are finding it difficult to generate enthusiasm around their mayoral candidate.
Tess Reidy
The Holy Cow Issue

Did the Death of a Mississippi Mayor End a Great Experiment in African American Liberation?

Revolutionary Mayor Chokwe Lumumba made Jackson a model of new African American politics and economics—a form of resistance more durable than protest.
Nathan Schneider

We Went to Rob Ford’s Post-Funeral Party to Hear the Best and Worst Ford Stories

One supporter compared his fall to that of Jesus's betrayal by the Romans. She didn't say who Judas was.
Jake Kivanc

We Spoke to Ford Nation About the Death of Rob Ford

Rob Ford's homebase is splintered in how it feels about the former mayor's death.
Jake Kivanc

Making Sense of Rob Ford's Troubled Life

He was the crack-smoking mayor the world laughed at. He had a family. He was a drunk who said awful things. He was a guy who got sober and then got cancer.
Josh Visser