New EU Regulations Could Mean Calling Meat-Free Burgers ‘Veggie Discs’

The European parliament approved a ban that would protect meat-related words like steak, sausage, burger, and hamburger.


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Seeing 'Sexy Images' of Women Makes Men Hungry for Meat, Study Says

The correlation was not true for women seeing images of men.


Britain Must ‘Seriously Consider’ a Meat Tax, Says MP

Green MP Caroline Lucas made the controversial proposal at the Oxford Farming Conference today.


LA Councilman Introduces Law Requiring Entertainment Venues to Offer Vegan Food

"Without reducing our beef consumption, it's going to be very difficult for us to reduce climate change," said councilman Paul Koretz


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Farm Gets Death Threats Over 'Choose Your Own Christmas Turkey' Promotion

“We will put a name tag on it and you come and feed it and help look after it for the next 2 months," wrote Greendale Farm Shop in the fateful Facebook post.