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Why India's Men's Rights Movement Is Thriving

The Indian movement might be taking cues from the American men's rights movement, but Indian MRAs are already "lightyears ahead."


Men's Rights Activists Make Millions Because White Boys Want to Feel Oppressed

Prominent MRA activists like Roosh V know that many young white men feel a voyeuristic pleasure in imagining the weight of oppression upon them – because that way they don't have to deal with the truth.


This Group of Anti-Feminist Men Is Banishing Women from Their Lives

They call themselves Men Going Their Own Way and they dislike feminism so much they are grabbing their balls and going home.


Can Ross Patterson's 'Romance Novel for Dudes' Fix America's Masculinity Problem?

The unlikely romance novelist says today's straight guys are embarrassing and should be more like gay men – and that his book will show them how.


We Spoke to the Campaigner Who Helped Ban Men's Rights Activists from Toronto Pride

"If you scratch the surface and look past the veneer of equality, they're scary people with scary ideas," said the pseudonymous activist Emma R.


Should Women Get Days Off Work During Their Period?

There's an ongoing debate about the merits of "menstrual leave" - basically, getting a few extra sick days for when you're on the rag.


A Woman Faked Having a Baby to Keep Her One-Night Stand Around

​Charmaine Wilson created a fake birth certificate, a fraudulent DNA test, and then "borrowed" a toddler from a friend in order to convince some guy she had slept with once to stay with her.