This New Compilation Wants to Share Mongolian Folk Metal With the World

Stream 'Sound of the Raging Steppe,' a new compilation of five Mongolian and Kazakh folk-influenced heavy metal bands.
Kim Kelly
Scene Reports

Switzerland's Metal Scene Is Its Best-Kept Secret

From Celtic Frost and Coroner to Zeal & Ardor, Eluveitie, and Schammasch, the Swiss metal scene is chock full of intriguing, technical talent.
Catherine Fearns

Myanmar's Metal Scene Stands Strong in the Midst of Political Upheaval

Metalcore is still king in capital city Yangon, but black and death metal are gaining ground in this troubled Southeast Asian political hotbed.
Joe Henley

Darkest Hour Go to the Desert for Windswept "Enter Oblivion" Video

Watch the DC stalwarts' new music video for a ripping track off their latest album for Southern Lord, 'Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora.'
Phil Witmer
Remembering Things

You’re Just Jealous: Drop Dead, Gorgeous’ ‘In Vogue’ Set the Bar for Scene to Come

Ten years ago, the Denver, CO six piece made a record that quietly influenced post-hardcore for years past their end.
John Hill

Unlocking the Truth's New Documentary Reveals Their Chaotic Rise Through the Music Biz

'Breaking a Monster' chronicles these three young metalheads' struggle to survive the music industry and stay metal.
Kim Kelly
Thinkpieces And Shit

Metal's Anti-Semitism Is Boring as Hell

As casual anti-Semitism took its toll on me, I turned to aggressive music to deal with it... only to find that some talented figures in the scene had turned to the same sounds to deal with me.
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Scene Kids! This Dipshit in a Headdress Will Teach You to Sing "Hotline Bling" in Ten Garbage Genres

Emo, post-emo, metalcore, deathcore—he does it all!
Noisey Staff

Architects Don't Care If Americans Hate Them

"America is a new country – people went there and destroyed it when they should have known better"
Hannah Ewens

Reviewed: The Worst Music Video Ever Starring the World's Biggest Dickhead

Falling In Reverse make the past seem like a golden age for awful.
Robert Foster