Drugs & Crime

The Tragic Story of Rick Turner's Descent into Meth, Prison and Death

He barely missed out on recent criminal justice reforms. Then his situation behind bars took a terrifying turn.
Tana Ganeva
2 days ago
Cartel Chronicles

How One of Mexico's Biggest Cartels Is Trying to Dominate the Country's Wildest West

In a shift in the drug war, Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation is confronting rivals in southwestern Mexico, and fighting the government.
Deborah Bonello
High Wire

Fentanyl Speedballs Are the Latest Disturbing Trend in America's Opioid Crisis

Deliberately mixing the powerful and deadly drug with stimulants like coke and meth is one (dangerous) way users are adjusting to a new market.
Maia Szalavitz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Woman Spent Months in Jail Because Cops Thought Her Old Cotton Candy Was Meth

Just to be clear: Not meth. Cotton candy.
River Donaghey

A Man Allegedly Sexually Assaulted a Dying Beaver and Let’s Just Burn This World Down

I want off this planet.
Manisha Krishnan

Why Some Meth and DMT Users Are Using Vapes

There’s little research on the safety of vaping drugs beyond nicotine and cannabis, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying.
Richard Greenhill

Here, Hear a Previously Unreleased Song From Jason Isbell!

From the re-release of his 2007 album 'Sirens of the Ditch' coming in July of this year, "Crystal Clear" is early Isbell greatness.
Annalise Domenighini

The UK Has a New Cocaine Capital

And more European drug facts we found out in this year's big wastewater drugs study.
Simon Doherty
Inside Outsider

Four Dealers Describe the Worst Chemicals They Use to Cut Drugs

Remember that time the drugs didn't work? Here's why.
Mahmood Fazal
Pride 2017

We Need to Talk About the Queer Community's Meth and GHB Epidemic

Our nonchalant attitude towards this problem is just as detrimental as the drugs themselves.
Anthony "aCe" Pabey
Can't Handle the Truth

Meth Didn't Make a Guy Horny for a Crocodile, and Other Fake News

This week's stupidity was extra stupid.
Mike Pearl
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Texas Drug Bust Uncovers 600-Pound Load of Meth Lollipops

Authorities believe the addictive drug—disguised as candy butterflies, flowers, and Star Wars characters—might have been targeted toward children.
Drew Schwartz