Why the Music Industry Should Follow This Label’s Mental Health Initiative

Royal Mountain Records’ pledge to extend benefits to its artists is a big deal.


In Bed With Guillaume Marietta

The ex-Feeling of Love member is back with "La Passagère," a magnetic and lush second album.


Single Mothers Are Anything But On The Loud And Ironically Titled "Undercover"

"I know we won’t please everyone and to be honest that’s the last thing I want to do."


‘LOUD on Planet X’ Is Scratching My Growing Rhythm Action Itch

This small indie game is making a lot of noise, featuring music from CHVRCHES, Purity Ring, HEALTH and more.


PREMIERE: Watch METZ's Cagey New Video for "Spit You Out"

The Sub Pop rock group release a video for their standout track "Spit You Out."


Walking Ghosts Installation Recalls Twin Peaks-Era Lynch

This installation will give you the shivers.


Converse Get Loud!

Converse are giving you the chance to get a real life rock'n'roll tattoo and go to a free gig. How nice.


FIDLAR's Made us a Mixtape of Stuff we Wouldn't Expect FIDLAR to put on a Mixtape

Tom Waits, The Flaming Lips and A.A. Bonsy all get played on their tourbus.


Fucked Up Are Touring Around The Country With Us

In partnership with Eat Your Own Ears we'll be jaunting around the UK with our favourte punk fiends, Fucked Up and their friends, Titus Andronicus and Metz.


Metz Are Playing Birthdays!

Our favourite Canadian punks are back in Blighty!


Metz Played a Gig at The Old Blue Last

We went along and took some photos.