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Last Call: The Owner of Merida's Oldest Cantina Is Surprised They're on Yelp

"Sure, El Cardenal is not the same as it was 100 years ago, but that’s because we’re not the same as we were 100 years ago."
Diana Spechler
Dia de los Muertos

I Ate My Way through Oaxaca with Instagram Legend Oaxacking

When I ask Omar Alonso his favorite thing about Día de los Muertos, the answer is easy: the food.
Dan Gentile

The Street Food at the Mexican Border Is Fire

Rather than dwell on barely moving traffic and the loss of all personal property, we spent our last 300 pesos on four delicious courses.
Rebecca Holland

This Day of the Dead Feast Mixes Mexican Tradition with British Produce

In honour of Día de Muertos, London-based Mexican chef Santiago Lastra experiments with pumpkin tamales and tostadas served with black pudding.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

Cabrito al Pastor Is the Product of Northern Mexico's 16th-Century Jewish Roots

A specialty of Coahuila, cabrito al pastor features tender goat meat with extra crispy skin.
Duncan Tucker

Meet the Mexican Chefs Taking London Beyond Burritos

“I want to show that Mexican food is not just tacos. And I’m here for the fish and chips."
Daisy Meager
Mexican Food

A Punk Musician from Ciudad Juárez Is Redefining Vegan Mexican Food

"Part of decolonising our diet is going back to our roots of how our indigenous ancestors in the Americas ate," Edgar “Pato” Delfin says. "And much of that was plant-based."
Gabriel A. Solis
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This Guy Ate Chipotle 500 Days in a Row and Survived

His name is Bruce Wayne, and he's got a stomach of steel.
River Donaghey
Mexican Food

Rosio Sánchez Is Playing the Long Game

The Mexican-American chef knows that teaching Copenhagen cooks and diners about Mexican cuisine is going to take patience. A lot of it.
Danielle Wayda
Make this

11 Ways to Upgrade Your Taco Night

Every day is a good day for tacos.
Munchies Staff
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'La Güera' Cures Mexico City's Worst Hangovers with Her Chilaquiles Sandwiches

“We serve artists, we serve politicians, we serve professionals,” La Guera says. “From the highest classes to the lowest. And we treat everyone just the same.”
Lauren Rothman
Mexican Food

What Happened When a Taco Shop Opened on the Worst Street in Newcastle

Shields Road was recently voted the “least vital” shopping area in the UK.
Tom Nicholson