Michael Green


Bringing the 'Unfilmable' and Sensational 'American Gods' to TV

Showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green chat about adapting a show that was stuck in development hell for years.


This 'Pizzagate' Art Was Made While High on Infowars' Brain Drugs

Artist Michael Green made political art out of #Pizzagate while under the influence of BrainForce, a neural activation drug purchased on Infowars.com.


The Artificially-Intelligent Apocalypse Looks Better in 360°

Digital artist Michael Green and experimental musician Jónó Mí Ló launch the first chapter of a five-part series about a world consumed by super-intelligent AI.


Take a Deep Drag on Body-San's Haunted Video "KC Vapes"

Visual bubblebath for haunted memories.


Snipers in Soho

Walking around Central London on Michael Green's big day out.


The Tottenham Court Road Siege: Six Lame Twitter Jokes

Things might be bad for Michael Green right now, but once he sees these gags, his sides will be splitting.