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We Talked to People Queuing for the World's Only Michelin-Starred Street Food Stall

Singapore's Hawker Chan is selling its famous chicken and rice dish at a three-day pop-up in London this week


This Yorkshire Chef Makes Beetroot Taste Like Beef

For Tommy Banks of the Michelin-starred Black Swan, vegetables should be as exciting (or, in the case of his slow-cooked beets, as packed with beefy flavour) as meat.


How a Rundown Seaside Pub Became a Michelin-Starred Restaurant

When chef Stephen Harris’ took over The Sportsman 18 years ago, it was a sticky carpeted boozer with peeling wallpaper. Now it’s one of the best restaurants in the UK.


How to Make a Michelin-Starred Dinner in a Tent in a Forest

Chefs Elizabeth Allen and Lee Westcott’s recent dinner at a Lincolnshire music festival was a feat of careful menu planning and extreme barbecuing.


Birmingham Chefs Tell Us Why Their City Isn’t a Food Wasteland

“Growing up in Birmingham, there wasn’t much in terms of a food scene. I think people are slowly clocking onto it now. People are opening their own restaurants. There’s way more going on.”


Meet the Michelin-Starred Chef Who Quit to Make Ramen Fried Chicken

“I love the taste of ramen noodles, I could eat them straight from the packet,” admits lauded London chef Elizabeth Haigh.


This Porkless Bacon Is Michelin-Approved

Michelin-starred San Francisco chef Matthew Accarrino has created a bacon made with white sturgeon.


This Chef Does Foraging Instead of Lunch Service

With a heaving kitchen garden and foraging expeditions in place of weekday lunch service, Tommy Banks structures his Michelin-starred Yorkshire restaurant around growing (and picking) the best produce himself.


What Happens When Your Restaurant Is Accidentally Awarded a Michelin Star

It happened last week to a tiny cafe in France.


What Happens When Your Restaurant Is Accidentally Awarded a Michelin Star

It happened last week to a tiny cafe in France.


Why I Decided to Close My Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Setting up a restaurant is a bit like creating an artwork: when it’s done, the artist doesn’t need to adjust anything. That's what I started to find annoying.


Why the Chef of an All-Female Kitchen Rejected Her Michelin Star

"Until ten years ago, a Michelin star was a blessing, but in these economic times it is more of a curse."