Michelle Obama


The Obamas' First Netflix Show Might Be About Trump's Incompetent Government

They just acquired the rights to Michael Lewis's new book, 'The Fifth Risk.'


Donald Glover May Not Be the 'Woke Bae' We Want Him to Be

Childish Gambino's new video for 'Feels Like Summer' reminds us that when it comes to gender issues Glover tends to remain silent.


Reminder: George W. Bush Is Still Very, Very Bad

He's not cute! Why is everyone saying he's cute?


The Obamas Are Officially Making Netflix Shows Now

The former president and first lady just signed a massive deal.


Vince Staples is Donating His GoFundMe Money to Michelle Obama's Library

Vince has decided not to "shut the fuck up" and is instead giving a bunch of money to charity!


MUNCHIES: The Podcast: Drinking Beers with President Obama’s White House Chef

On the latest episode, we sit down with Sam Kass to discuss what it was like to cook for the leader of the free world, and find out how he convinced Obama to put craft beer in the White House.


Chicago ​Cubs Give Obama Lifetime Ticket to Wrigley Field, Say He's Not Allowed to Sell It

There will be no personal profiteering from being president. There's no way such a conflict-of-interest-free situation would work with Trump, of course.


LIVE: President Obama Welcomes Donald Trump to the White House

You can watch the whole awkward affair live and imagine what the future will be like when Trump gets ahold of the POTUS Twitter account, along with the nuclear codes.


Thanks, Obama | GIF Six-Pack

Before heading to the voting booth on Tuesday, take deep breaths and look at these GIFs.


An Exhibition Made of Unlikely Elements Turns Food Policy on its Head

An exhibit in New York takes detritus to create abstract art.


A Guide to SXSW for Barack Obama

Keep Austin weird, Barack!