Middle Eastern food


The Murderous History of Qatar's Most Common Pudding

The origin story of Om Ali contains enough bloodshed to be a 'Game of Thrones' plot line.
Joy Hui Lin

This Egg and Aubergine Brunch Dish Will Make You Feel Like You're Poolside in Marrakesh

Josh Katz of London’s Berber & Q shows us how to make his grilled courgette, pickled aubergine, and yogurt breakfast dish—topped with chili breadcrumbs.
Phoebe Hurst

Meet the Woman Bringing Yemeni Food to the London Brunch Scene

“People from the outside either know nothing about the country or they only focus on the negatives, so food is a way to change this perception.”
Sahar Esfandiari

'Displaced Dishes' Shares the Recipes of Refugees in Greece's Second Largest Camp

Sometimes, remembering favourite dishes, arguing over ingredients, and telling their stories is as close as the refugees get to home.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
Middle Eastern food

A Sugar-Saturated Guide to Middle Eastern Sweets

After Great British Bake Off contestants were left confused by a recipe for ma’amoul, I headed to London bakery Patisserie Patchi to sample some of their most popular Arabic desserts.
Dalia Dawood

Welcome to the World’s Least Likely Palestinian Restaurant

What the Fattoush? is run by two non-Arabs out of a bar in East London. But its dishes—and commitment to Palestinian causes—are genuine.
Dalia Dawood
Palestinian food

Yasmin Khan’s New Cookbook Is a ‘Fun, Frightening, Joyful, Stressful’ Adventure into Palestinian Food

In 'Zaitoun: Recipes and Stories from the Palestinian Kitchen,' the London food writer travelled Palestine, collecting stories and recipes from the people who live there.
Dalia Dawood

'Grandma Cooking' Is the Inspiration for Rose Previte's Middle Eastern Restaurant

"In Maydān, we’re creating a space for expats and exiles to feel safe," the Lebanese-American chef says.
Mayukh Sen

How We Went from Running Nightclubs to a Jerusalem-Inspired Restaurant

“Although the relationship in a nightclub is different to a restaurant, you’re still working to create a mood,” says Zoё Paskin, one half of the team behind The Palomar and The Barbary in London.
Daisy Meager

Portraits of Europe's Most Popular Kebabs

From the famous Turkish döner of Berlin to Holland’s monster kapsalon topped with Gouda, kebabs are Europe’s favourite drunk food. We took a look at how this grilled meat snack differs around the Continent.
Maciek Piasecki
Mihai Popescu

This Restaurant Banned Avocado from Its Menu for Being Too Basic

“Avocado should complement dishes, and the team behind the restaurant believes it is time to share the limelight with some other culinary stars.”
Jelisa Castrodale
Israeli Cuisine

A Modern Israeli Food Tour of London

To better understand Israeli cooking in Britain today, I joined The Barbary chef Eyal Jagermann and Oxford anthropologist Joel Hart to eat my way around a Turkish grill house, Middle Eastern confectioners, beigel shop, and Iraqi fish joint.
Barclay Bram