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Climate Change Will Create 1.5 Billion Migrants by 2050 and We Have No Idea Where They'll Go

The climate crisis has already created millions of invisible refugees and could create up to 1.5 billion more in the next 30 years. But under international law no country is obliged to take them in.
Izzie Ramirez
5 days ago

The Migrant Children Trapped on a Tiny Piece of Europe in Morocco

Mohammed is stuck in Melilla. He can't go back to his parents in Morocco, but he can't get further into Europe either.
Laura J. Varo

This Refugee-Led Cooking Class Is Making Space for Cultural Exchange

Migrateful gives refugees and asylum seekers in London the chance to share favourite recipes with their new communities.
Ruchira Sharma

How Migrants Helped to Rejuvenate a Struggling Town

A few years ago, the Sicilian town of Sutera found a renewed sense of purpose after it started welcoming migrant families. Now, Italy's anti-immigration policies are threatening this new balance.
Cosimo Bizzarri
refugee crisis

Smugglers Are Stealing Fishing Boats to Ferry Migrants Across the Channel

Brexit might be encouraging them to take more risks.
Timothée Vinchon
Sophie Bourlet

How São Paulo Fell in Love with Sushi

“Being a Brazilian chef but a descendant of Japanese immigrants, I try to combine all my cultural references to create my dishes.”
Biju Belinky

After Windrush, the Government Still Wants Your Trust on Migration

The Immigration Bill fails to right the wrongs of the Windrush scandal and end the hostile environment.
Gracie Bradley
West African food

How a New Generation Is Building on Britain's Long History of West African Food

And why there’s so much more to explore, from Nigerian egusi soup and Ghanaian kelewele to Senegalese thieboudienne.
Riaz Phillips
The British Dream

How the British Government Splits Children Up From Their Parents

Hundreds of children a year are separated from their parents because of migration controls.
Simon Childs
british food

Pub Food Taught Me What It Means to Be a Syrian Brit

I learned soon after moving to London from Syria that the pub is central to British life. One of my biggest surprises was to see that people took their children to pubs.
Hala Hamadi
South Asian food

Meet the Pakistani Chef Teaching Colonial History Through Food

"It’s startling how little people know about Partition. The largest immigration of human movement across two countries took place and thousands lost their lives."
Ruchira Sharma

The Windrush Scandal Shows Why the 'Hostile Environment' for Migrants Must End

We should talk less about "good" migrants who deserve to stay, and more about fundamental human rights.
Gracie Bradley