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'Pulp Macabre': The Art of a Guy Who Used to Bring Severed Heads to the Bar

The art of Lee Brown Coye features the type of work that made fans of horror and science fiction fanzines drool—grisly worlds filled with ghouls, monsters, and morbid anatomy.


The VICE Guide to the First Republican Presidential Debate

If you've been following the frenzied media coverage these past few weeks, you might think that Donald Trump is the only guy running for president this year. He is not.


Everything We Know About the Josh Duggar Molestation Scandal

TLC has pulled reruns of "19 Kids and Counting" amid a child molestation scandal involving one of the show's conservative Christian stars.


Why Republicans Have Gone Nuts for Israel

Jewish voters remain one of the most stalwart progressive groups in the US, but it's the Republican Party that has taken up Israel as its cause célèbre.


American Conservatives Are Using the Paris Terror Attacks to Call for More War on Terror

In the wake of the attack, leading Republicans bashed Prsident Obama for being soft on national security.


US Conservatives Are Already Planning New Ways to Take Down Gay Marriage

The religious right's fight against same-sex unions isn't going according to plan.