minimum wage

Late Capitalism

Jeff Bezos Is So Powerful He Basically Dictates the Minimum Wage Now

The Amazon CEO announced he's upping pay for his workers, which could force competitors to follow suit and bolster his own image, too.
Allie Conti
summer jobs

People Told Us Their Worst Summer Jobs in Six Words

“Temp job: clown at waterbed store.”
Anna Goldfarb
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Canadians Are Still Mad as Hell at Tim Hortons

Boycotts and pickets are some of the responses to Tim Hortons franchisees stripping paid breaks and benefits to their workers.
Mack Lamoureux
food service

Billionaire-Owned Restaurant Criticised for Minimum Wage Surcharge

"I ask that all customers who still have their receipt, please return to their nearest location and we will happily refund the surcharge amount."
Nick Rose
Oh Snap

The British Dream: Mayday Mayday

In this week's politics podcast we talk to some pissed off shelf stackers and ask if election campaigning actually matters.
Simon Childs
Oh Snap

Labour Needs to Do More for People in Crap, Unstable Jobs

Their assault on the "Rigged Economy" is a good start, but it doesn't really get what a lot of work is like today.
Edie Miller

Foreign Domestic Worker Abuse Is Rampant in Hong Kong

While most come for cash to support their families from abroad, many easily find themselves trapped in a cycle of violence and debt.
Justin Heifetz​​

How One Jerusalem Joint Is Dealing with Israel's Terrible Restaurant Wages

If you think American waiters get screwed, Israelis have it even worse. At the kosher restaurant Crave, servers and bartenders receive a fair hourly wage, rather than surviving off unreliable tips.
Ilan Ben Zion
Fast Food

Scenes from Fast Food Workers' Protest Against Trump's Labour Pick

Members of the Fight for $15 movement and their supporters gathered throughout the country, most often in front of Carl's Jr and Hardee's restaurants, to voice their opposition to Andrew's Puzder's likely appointment to the position of Labor Secretary.
Munchies Staff

What It's Like to Work for Less Than the Minimum Wage

My boss gave me a GPS tracker, I lost a stone in weight, and barely earned enough money to live.
Richard Owain Roberts

A Florida Artist Is Filling Hourglasses with the Dust of a Minimum Wage Salary

Representations of labor and time are ground into dust in Agustina Woodgate’s show, 'Power-Line.'
Monica Uszerowicz

Ex-Cons Remember Their Worst Jobs After Being Released from Prison

From a gig as a farm hand that involved fixing a cow's prolapsed vagina, to a job that involved picking up trash while walking through raw sewage.
Seth Ferranti