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Actor Robert Sheehan on 9/11 and the Time He Got A Big Foot Wart

"My mate Joe had athlete’s foot years ago and told me that if he put the hot shower on it, he felt like he was being sucked off by an angel. I now know the feeling."
Michael Segalov
Noisey News

Is Your Pup Punk Enough for These Hardcore-Themed Collars?

Most Precious Blood's Rachel Rosen has just launched a line of officially licensed pet apparel for fans of Madball, Sick of It All, and more.
Kim Kelly

How to Make Zombie-Like Demons Relevant in 2016

The man behind 'Misfits' has written 'Crazyhead', a new show where a well-tread format is saved by one actor's comedic timing and skill.
Tshepo Mokoena
the vice interview

The VICE Interview: Joe Gilgun

The star of 'This Is England', 'Misfits' and now 'Preacher' talks about scrapping, bald patches and playing 'Call of Duty' too much.
Joel Golby

Skeletons in the Closet: An Interview with Glenn Danzig

Ahead of the release of his new covers album, Evil Elvis opens up about longevity, the blues, and Christina Ricci.
Jonathan Dick

Anarchy in the Classroom: Teaching Capitalist Ideals to Four-Year-Olds Through Punk

From coloring books to the teachings of Crass, an American school teacher on being punk at an early age. Way early.
Michael Haskoor
You Need to Hear This

Oh Look, it's a Music Video Featuring Woody from This Is England

It's for the track "Tiny Legs" by Then Thickens.
Ryan Bassil

Examples Of Great Music You've Been Told To Hate

Drop the snobbiness, hipsters.
Robert Foster