He Was Sentenced to Only Two Days in Jail, a Lawsuit Says. Three Months Later, He Killed Himself in His Cell.

Robert Wayne Johnson's wife is suing a Mississippi county, saying he was held past his release date and not provided with mental healthcare.


Life After an ICE Raid

For years, immigrants had been showing up in Morton to work at the chicken plants. Then ICE showed up.


These White People Profited Off Their Neighbour's Murder

After setting up a robbery that got a black woman wrongly imprisoned for murder, this duo opened their "Goat Castle" up to tourists in Jim Crow Mississippi.


Nation of Immigrants: How Biloxi's Best Banh Mi Rose in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina

Six months after Katrina made landfall, Le Bakery was one of the first establishments to reopen. “We had a line of people out the door. It was a amazing,” says owner Sue Nguyen-Torjusen.


Mississippi Restaurants Are Being Targeted in Immigration Raid

The restaurant industry has faced increasingly debilitating labour shortages over the last few years, and a rise in ICE raids on restaurants would almost certainly serve to exacerbate the issue.


A Man Finally Had His 130-Pound Tumor Removed After Doctors Told Him It Was 'Just Fat'

Roger Logan's surgeon said he thinks the benign growth probably started out as an infected ingrown hair.


This Doctor Is Fighting the AIDS Epidemic Spreading Among Black Men

Few populations are more at risk of contracting HIV than black men in Jackson, Mississippi. Dr. Leandro Mena runs a clinic there that fights back against this crisis.


Did the Death of a Mississippi Mayor End a Great Experiment in African American Liberation?

Revolutionary Mayor Chokwe Lumumba made Jackson a model of new African American politics and economics—a form of resistance more durable than protest.


Do Prosecutors Care More About Convictions Than Executing the Right Person?

In 2001, 20-year-old Marlon Howell was found guilty in a racially-charged murder trial that shook New Albany, Mississippi. Fourteen years later, he continues to maintain his innocence.


Swamps, Seen from Space, Are Straight-Up Earth Porn

Mississippi turns blood red in this stunning selection of ESA snapshots.


The Body of a Black Man Was Found Hanging from a Tree in Mississippi

Otis Byrd, a missing 54-year-old African-American man, was found dead on Thursday and local authorities say they're looking into the death.