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The UFC Released Its Archives, and All the Best Videos Are Now on YouTube

The mixed martial arts pioneer digs deep for the first time, allowing for an unprecedented look into the sport’s past.


Conor McGregor Under Investigation for Sexual Assault: Report

The New York Times says the MMA star was arrested in January and remains under investigation. McGregor announced his retirement earlier today.


The Elements of Style: The Jab

A jab is as personal to a fighter as his signature or fingerprint: some flick, some jolt, some hit nothing but air. We discuss the dynamics and styles of the greatest fighters to lace up gloves.


A Brief History of Outsiders Insulting MMA

As we recover from Meryl Streep's devastating blow to our glass-jawed egos, we take a look back at the other ways in which prominent politicians, boxers and scribes have used their platforms to denigrate MMA.


Olympic Taekwondo Champion Jade Jones Would Consider Switch To MMA

Jones, who recently won Wales’ Sports Personality Of The Year award, has been thinking about her future after Tokyo 2020, and MMA is on her radar.


Hitting the Canvas With MMA Fighter Nick Osipczak

VICE Sports hung out with MMA fighter Nick Osipczak to learn how he incorporates zen and spirituality into his high-end artwork of sacred geometry.


Is American Football Less Moral Than MMA?

A look at the moral dimensions of competitive savagery.


How Bellator London Taught Me That I Don't Care About Knockouts

Bellator took its brand of mixed martial arts action to the UK for the first time over the weekend. We take a look at the good, the bad, and the downright horrific.


Does The UFC's Sale Have a Sports Business Parallel?

Sports business transactions like the UFC's sale, which was confirmed on Monday for $4 billion, have taken place before — only on a much smaller scale.


Holy Shit! New York Just Voted to Legalize MMA

After two decades spent wandering in the wilderness, New York finally joins the rest of the U.S.


Rousey's Suicidal Thoughts and Mental Health In MMA

Even if you're suffering from Rousey-related exhaustion, this piece of news has the potential to make the sport safer for athletes and more interesting for fans.


Brazilian Martial Artists Form Vigilante Gang to Fight Teenage Beach Thieves

A rash of street crime means a rash of MMA street justice.