It’s Not You, ‘Dota’, It’s Me: Why I’ve Finally Quit My MOBA Habit

We had our good times, Troll Warlords and all, but you were turning me into a toxic monster.
Jake Tucker

What It’s Like to Work On a Video Game Flop

We speak to developers behind Infinite Crisis and Hellgate: London about when best-laid plans go so very wrong.
Luke Winkie

From Gears of War to Ganking the Enemy: How Epic is Taking on MOBAs with ‘Paragon’

The stateside studio is moving away from triple-A story shooters for a crack at the market dominated by League of Legends and DOTA 2.
Ewen Hosie

Talking About the One-Way Bloodbath That Was ‘Overwatch’ Vs. ‘Battleborn’

Talk about an unfair fight. One might have been for every kind of badass, but it was comprehensively rolled over by its rival.
Sean Cleaver and Mike Diver

Blizzard’s ‘Overwatch’ Might Be the Multiplayer Shooter Success of 2016, and Beyond

Blizzard isn't a company to do things by halves, and while they're only just launching their latest IP, they're planning for it being around a while.
Luke Winkie
VICE vs Video games

We Hung Out With eSports Fans to Watch the ‘League of Legends’ World Championship Final in Berlin

Imagine chess meets the Champions League, albeit a million times more massive than that would be.
Lisa Ludwig

The Museum Of Bad Art Has Been Celebrating Failure Since 1993

From the garbage to gallery walls, Boston's Museum Of Bad Art is dedicated to preserving “art too bad to be ignored.”
Noémie Jennifer
VICE vs Video games

Six Ways in Which ‘Heroes of the Storm’ Is Incredible

Blizzard's brand-new MOBA is now out in the wild, and it's shaping up to be one of the best games in its field.
Mike Stubbsy
VICE vs Video games

The Greatest Moments of Blizzard Entertainment

To mark the full release of Heroes of the Storm VICE Gaming looks back at the standout story scenes of Blizzard's games so far.
Matt Porter
Matt Lees' Column

Video Game Genre Names are Bullshit, So Let’s Change Them

Games have changed, but we're still talking about "action-adventures". It's time to consider more accurate alternatives.
Matt Lees

Don’t Bet on ‘Evolve’ Being Another ‘Left 4 Dead’

It's one of the first triple-A games of 2015, but Turtle Rock's Evolve could be the year's first major flop.
Richard Cobbett