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These Ultra-Jazzy Mixes of 90s Rap Samples Are a Crate-Digger's Dream

DJ Sameed's show on NTS Radio takes listeners on an unaccompanied journey through the smooth, funky samples of A Tribe Called Quest, Mobb Deep, and more.
Phil Witmer
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Missy Elliott Gave an Iconic Show at the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors Last Night

The Virginia legend performed her 90s hit, "She's a Bitch."
Lawrence Burney
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Check This Previously Unreleased Mobb Deep Track

"What You Think” features a sample from the late Biggie Smalls.
Noisey Staff
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This Is What Prodigy Had to Say About ‘The Infamous’ 20 Years After Its Release

"I was forced to deal with the pain and hanging in the streets and wilding out[...] We'd been through so much. At 19, I felt like I was 40."
Noisey Staff

Mobb Deep’s ‘The Infamous’ Gave New York a New Sense of Menace

In a previously unreleased interview, Havoc and the late Prodigy break down their paradigm-shifting 1995 album.
Jeff Weiss
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Rest in Peace Prodigy, Rap's Most Uncompromising Voice

P was artful. He was a naturalist, but the style is inimitable. And no one folded their bandana like him.
Paul Thompson
A Year of Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Loved Prodigy and Mobb Deep Just Like You

"When they came out with that street shit I felt that. I like how Prodigy just say what the fuck he want."
Kyle Kramer
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Legendary Rapper and Mobb Deep Member Prodigy Has Died

The Queens native was 42.
Lawrence Burney
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Snoop Dogg and A$AP Rocky Freestyle over Mobb Deep’s “The Realest,” Smoke Weed, Talk Fashion

“You know what you got? You got a disease called P.I.M.P.”
Alex Robert Ross

How-To: BBQ Salmon with Prodigy

Prodigy from Mobb Deep visits the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen to enlighten us on how to cook barbecue salmon as if you were in prison.
Prodigy Prodigy

Rediscovered Photographs from New York's 90s Hip-Hop Scene

In the late 90s, ​Taku Onoda shot everyone from Mos Def to Wu-Tang to Guru.

Vince Staples Is Right: Chill Out About the Goddamn 90s

Put aside your kneejerk reaction and do some math: Are we really expecting artists to love music that came out when they were in diapers?
Kyle Kramer