Mohamed Morsi


The Canadian Government Won't Help Journalist Mohamed Fahmy Get Out of Egyptian Jail

A Canadian journalist imprisoned in Egypt has called out the Canadian Prime Minister after a visit by Foreign Minister John Baird failed to end his more than year-long nightmare.


Canadian Weapons Companies Increased Sales to Human Rights Abusers in 2013

Ottawa is exporting less military aid overall, but upping shipments to India, Egypt, Tunisia, as well as other non-NATO allies with questionable moral records.


Student Protests in Egypt Are Heating Up Again

A wave of violent protests and clashes between young people and police that left one demonstrator dead from a head wound.


How Egypt’s January 25 Revolutionaries Became Enemies of the State

The military-led government don't like any kind of dissent, even if it happened three years ago.


Egypt Under Sisi - Trailer

On the streets of Cairo in the build-up to the revolution's third birthday.


I Toured Cairo’s Muslim Brotherhood Protest Camps Just Before the Military Crackdown

The Rabaa tour showcases the sunnier side of the Muslim Brotherhood's massive sit-in.


Interviewing the Editor of the Middle Eastern Version of The Onion

The Pan-Arabia Enquirer does satire in a region that isn't good at laughing at itself.


The Egyptian Army Massacred 72 Egyptians This Weekend

I was in Cairo to see the grim aftermath of the attack on Morsi supporters.


The Hangover News

George Zimmerman was acquitted this weekend, but you were probably too outraged to believe it.


Is SpongeBob SquarePants the New Che Guevara?

For student-revolutionaries in Egypt, he is.