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In Tennis, Hip Injuries Are the New Wrist Injuries Are the New Elbow Injuries

Is the punishing power baseline style that has defined men's tennis for over a decade catching up with players?
Van Sias

Kyle Walker on Winning Skateboarder of the Year and the Mad Winds of Oklahoma

We sat down with the reigning Skateboarder of the Year to discuss winning the prestigious accolade and his unlikely beginnings in the sport.
Nathan Copelin
The F1 Logo Controversy

The Hidden Optical Illusion In the Formula 1 Logo is Tearing us Apart

How much of our world is true to reality, and how much is an interpretation formed by our own beliefs and prejudices?
Jim Weeks

Talking Skate Culture and Culture Shocks With Sean Malto at The Dew Tour

VICE Sports catches up with Malto to discuss the life of a professional skater, and the changing world of skateboarding itself.
Nathan Copelin
come on tim!

The Cult: Tim Henman

Henman was an inherently British hero, the awkward letdown who we loved regardless. The crowds still shout his name at Wimbledon, it’s definitely still funny, and that makes him worthy of The Cult.
Will Magee

Brendan Fairclough on Making Deathgrip, the High-Concept Mountain Biking Movie

We spoke to the British rider about his ambitious new project.
Daryl Mersom

Wimbledon Champ Goran Ivanisevic Recalls His Wild Ride to the Top of Tennis

After three heartbreaking final defeats Goran Ivanisevic became Wimbledon champion in 2001. There have been few, if any, more popular winners in SW19. VICE Serbia sat down with the irrepressible Ivanisevic to discuss his rollercoaster career.
Ivan Minic
Chris Cole

“I’d Like to Film a Proper Line on Vert” and other Revelations from Skater Chris Cole

He likes to invest his money and digs Germany's architecture, too.
Daryl Mersom
Lance Armstrong

In Search of Lance Armstrong's Staunchest Supporters

More than four years after publicly admitting to doping, Lance Armstrong remains an outcast in the cycling world. But some of his supporters have stayed loyal to the disgraced American. What has kept them on side through so much turmoil?
Alex Warnakulasuriya

Centre of Attention: Alex Honnold, El Capitan, and the Media Machine

Alex Honnold talks about his historic rope-free ascent of Yosemite's El Capitan, working with film crews, and what comes next.
Steven Threndyle
Formula 1

Montreal's Legendary F1 Circuit Is Part of the Canadian Grand Prix Allure

The picturesque GP has retained its character and turned into the country's largest sporting event thanks to passionate fans and a classic, unchanged track.
Matthew Walthert

Kazuchika Okada Is the Best Wrestler in the World

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Okada has an intangible quality that recalls what made Ric Flair so good in his prime.
Ian Williams