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These Bicycles Eat Smog and Spit Out Clean Air

The Smog Free Project was inspired by air pollution problems in Beijing.
Lisa Cumming
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This Snake Fight Makes No Sense

Watch two snakes duke it out with ostensibly no explanation.
Mallory Locklear
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Sexism and the City

Most cities were designed around men and their work. It's time for that to change.
Ankita Rao
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Round Two: WannaCry Ransomware That Struck the Globe Is Back

Ransomware that emerged from a dump of alleged NSA exploits has quickly learned from its mistakes.
Joseph Cox
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The Totally Normal Town Where Everyone Worked on Weapons of Mass Destruction

A 1954 report from the birthplace of the atomic bomb wants you to know that everything is totally “normal” in Los Alamos, New Mexico.
Daniel Oberhaus
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Redditors on r/Anarchism Are Angry That They Have to Follow the Rules

The r/Anarchism mod team disputes Reddit’s content policy after mods get removed for approving banned content.
Sarah Ernst
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Does the Behavioral Immune System Explain Xenophobia?

In a new study, political scientists are political scientists.
Michael Byrne
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How VHS Tapes and Bootleg Translations Started an Anime Fan War in the 90s

The little-known story of how a fight over Fushigi Yûgi subtitles built Ottawa’s anime community.
Marc Shaw
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Your Government's Hacking Tools Are Not Safe

From Cellebrite, to Shadow Brokers, to the CIA dump, so many recent data breaches have shown there is a real risk of exposure of government hacking tools.
Joseph Cox
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We Have Strong Evidence Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Can Support Microbial Alien Life

Scientists find potential evidence of methanogenesis, a biological process, on Saturn’s moon Enceladus – which means methane-breathing aliens could be chilling there.
Becky Ferreira
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This Computer Program Detects Cancer Earlier Than Ever – Without Surgery

CancerLocator could be used to pinpoint tumour locations even before symptoms arise, eliminating painful biopsies and increasing patient survival.
Knvul Sheikh
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As a 29-Year-Old Cancer Patient, I Find Paul Ryan’s Argument Against Health Insurance Appalling

No one should have to decide between being bankrupt or dead.
Derek Mead