We Recount Festival Mysteries on Episode 14 of the THUMP Podcast

Back from Movement and the Indy 500's EDM festival, we talk about the times that music festivals can get weird.


The Family That Raves Together, Stays Together

Kevin Saunderson and his sons Dantiez and DaMarii are Detroit techno's first family.


Getting Rejected from a Party Taught Me the Meaning of Nightlife

I haven't been rejected from a party in a while, but being denied at Seth Troxler's infamous Old Miami rager in Detroit was the enlightenment I needed.


These Intimate Photos Show a Side of Detroit's Movement Most People Miss

Poignant little moments at America's biggest techno festival.


Justin Cudmore Found Family in House Music—Now He’s Ready to Give Back to the Dancefloor

After a slow and steady journey finding himself through music, the Illinois-via-Brooklyn producer is gearing up for his biggest record yet.


Motion-Tracking Video Turns a Conductor’s Movements into Awesome Art

Tobias Gremmler's latest experiment follows a conductor from the London Symphony Orchestra.


11 Festivals That Were Actually Worth Going to This Year

Festivals can be sweltering, crowded, and expensive, but sometimes it pays off with one perfect weekend.


Improv Dancer Lil Buck Jooks His Way Past the Art World’s Finest

The well-known Jooker glides past all-star paintings inside a Frank Gehry art venue.


150+ Performance Artists Stage a "Massive Choreography of Obedient Relationships"

Photos from 'Authority Figure,' a "massive choreography of obedient relationships" at the Knockdown Center.


Meet the Artist Building an Open-Source Database of Everyday Movements

Rosana Antolí conducts the world's first gestural census by recording everyday actions of East Londoners.


Can Doing Yoga at Music Festivals Change How We Think About Partying?

From hippie havens like Burning Man to deep-house pumping nightclubs in Brooklyn, downward dogs have opened up a whole new era of the dancefloor.


It's a South African ‘Slacktivist’ Protest in Umlilo’s New Music Video

Umlilo reunites with Alv Corp and Odendaal Esterhuyse in the new music video for "Umzabalazo."