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Pud Pad Noy Worawoot: The “Golden Leg” of Muay Thai

Feted by kings and statesman, from 1970 to 1975 Pud Pad Noy was the multi-weight daddy of the Muay Thai ring.


4 Minutes, 5 Million Baht: Lumpini's First Ever 'No-Rules' Fight

With over a million Baht in ticket sales, and 300,000 Baht donated to street kids, it doesn't really matter if you agree with the fight or not. It happened.


The Muay Thai Grind, The Muay Thai Dream: Yothin FA Group

Breaking a 13-fight win streak at Rajadamnern only means one thing: keep fighting.


The Legend of the Fighting Dutchmen

Kaman. Dekkers. Aerts. Dutch kick fighters are in a league of their own. But who was the best of the bunch?


Farewell to the Super Computer of Muay Thai

Plagued by injury, Yodsanklai Fairtex has thrown in the towel on a glittering career. Or has he?


First Transgender Fighter Competes at Thailand’s Oldest Stadium

Rising to the occasion, Nong Rose overwhelmed the favourite, Sua Yai, in her historic debut at Rajadamnern.


Savvas Michael: The Greek Hero of Muay Thai Boxing

Could 18-year-old Savvas Michael be the next Ramon Dekkers? It's in the hands of the Muay Thai Gods...


Matthew Deane's Journey from Pop Star to Top of the Muay Thai World

Just planning to visit, Australian Matthew Deane came to Thailand fresh out of high school and never went back.


‘The Ladyboy with the Mean Knees’: Nong Rose Is Back

We caught back up with Nong Rose, now set to be the first ever transgender fighter allowed to fight in a sports bra at Thailand's oldest stadium.


Mindfulness and Muay Thai

For the cage fighter or the nak muay, a Buddhist state of mind will make you box clever.


Learning to Walk and Learning to Fight: The Muay Thai Fights of Songkran

A two-year old makes his debut in the world of professional fighting and an American comes up against a Thai cop – these are the fights of the Thai New Year's festival.


Confessions of an English Ganja-Smoking Nak Muay

In the life of a Fightland writer, or an ageing nak muay farang, a week without weed is simply not worth contemplating.