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Italy's Most Lit Food Festival Involves Boiling an Entire Sheep

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How an Afghan Refugee is Changing Venice's Restaurant Landscape

Hamed Ahmadi now has five restaurants in northeastern Italy's Veneto region and has helped employ many young refugees from the Middle East and Africa.


What Eating Shark and Whale in Iceland Taught Me About Ethics

Can eating shark and whale meat between scenic geysers and volcanoes bring us back to a pure, earthly paradise and simpler time?


This Farm Is Occupied by Squatters Who Are Making Incredible Olive Oil

The abandoned hillside location on the outskirts of Chianti is run by a collective of farmers without a boss.


How to Make Wine without Any Equipment

Take a few cues from these Provençal winemakers who have been doing it for years. All you need are glass jars, and somewhere to bury them.


The Worst Things I Saw While Working in an All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Restaurant

"I've seen nigiri dumped in a potted plant in front of the restaurant. Sometimes even in the bathroom garbage can."


What to Eat in Milan After Midnight

Late-night eats in a city of well-dressed drunks.