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Without Small Venues, the UK Doesn't Have a Music Industry

How many more have to be railroaded by rent hikes and property developers before we lose our grassroots scenes completely?
Harry Harris
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How an Early Christmas Single Helped Hip-Hop Explode

Kurtis Blow's 1979 track "Christmas Rappin'" was proof that rap had a place in the money-or-nothing recording industry. It was also just really sweet.
Alex Robert Ross

The Dollars and Desperation Silencing #MeToo in Music

Sexual misconduct is built into the foundation of the music industry. Our data and the stories of over two dozen women show how culture and labour conditions create a perfect storm for abuse.
Andrea Domanick

As an Industry Insider, I Know There's More We Can Do for Women

Beyoncé songwriter and non-profit founder Carla Marie Williams on how we should inspire young girls to work behind-the-scenes in music too.
Carla Marie Williams
Festivals 2018

Welcome to Girlschool, the Festival and Community Bringing Equality Centre Stage

Artists Anna Bulbrook and Francisca Valenzuela discuss the triumphs and challenges of making non-male space in the music industry.
Andrea Domanick

Taylor Swift Sold a Million Copies of an Album That Didn’t Need Hits

Figures confirm that 'Reputation' was 2017's best-selling album, but tell another story about the loyalty of Swift's fans.
Tshepo Mokoena

Sure, We Streamed a Lot in 2017 But We Didn't Own Our Music

At the risk of getting all 'wake up sheeple!!' I wonder what this new growth for the business really means for us, the music lovers.
Tshepo Mokoena
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Why Musicians Like Nadine Shah Are Backing This Mental Health Service

The initiative, from charity Help Musicians UK, is primed to offer practical support the music industry desperately needs.
Lauren O'Neill

How Media and Music Industry Staff Are Reacting to Sexual Assault Allegations

These are the water cooler conversations happening in British offices post-Weinstein.
Hannah Ewens
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A New Mental Health Service for People in Music Could Be a Lifeline

Charity Help Musicians UK will launch a 24/7 helpline in December, with three big pledges on how to practically tackle mental illness in music.
Noisey UK Staff
Noisey News

Björk Has Spoken Out About Her Experiences of Sexual Harassment

"i am inspired by the women everywhere who are speaking up online"
Noisey UK Staff

Why Emily Haines Made a Video on Women’s Control Over Their Bodies

She spoke to us about video "Statuette", how the dehumanisation of women certainly didn’t start with Trump – and won’t end with him without a fight.
Alexandra Pollard