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Ma3azef Brings the Arab World's New Music to the Whole Planet

We speak to Maan Abu Taleb about the challenges of running the world's premier Arabic-language online music magazine
Peter Holslin
The Noisey Guide To Music and Mental Health

How Being a Music Journalist Made Me Wind Up in a Psychiatric Hospital

I was a living cliche: a failed musician who then spends his time criticising other musicians.
Jeremy Allen

This Journalist Lived Every Rock ’n’ Roll Cliché You Could Dream Of

From Bey to Prince to Mariah, Sylvia Patterson's quizzed them all and navigated some dicey waters. She talks frankly here, plus read an exclusive extract from her book.
Eve Barlow
Deep Ass Questions

Is the Album Review Dead?

With every song available for free the instant of its release, do we still need critics to tell us what’s good?
Dan Ozzi
Thinkpieces And Shit

If We're Going to End Music Industry Sexism, the Dialogue around It Has to Change

Have we created a climate that’s just too overwhelmed by negativity?
Emma Garland
z sides

The Cure’s “Desperate Journalist” Is The Perfect Diss That Nobody Heard

In response to a negative review of Three Imaginary Boys, The Cure reworked one of their tracks to create the best musical comeback of all time.
Emma Garland

Band for Life - Part 19

Is there anything more useless than music journalists?
Anya Davidson

How Online Advertising is Killing Music Journalism

Some thoughts on the "Darwinistic page-view coverage of anything": As print publications move toward blogging, online advertising is becoming the lifeline of music journalism. Herein lies the problem.

Wanna Buy Yourself a Career As a Music Journalist?

If you pay Guitar Media Magazine enough cash, they might let you write for them.
Kev Kharas