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Ona Could Be the Next Great Rock Band

The West Virginia band's adventurous and infectious new album, 'Full Moon, Heavy Light,' takes them to the next level. We're exclusively streaming it here ahead of its Friday release.


Alsarah Wrote a Song for the Sudanese Uprising

The Sudan-born Alsarah and the Nubatones singer has done the only thing an artist an ocean away from her people and their struggles can do.


Taylor Janzen Thought Her New EP Was Almost Too Raw to Release

We're streaming the 19-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter's 'Shouting Matches' in full ahead of its Friday release.


VICE Exclusive: Listen to Brian Bonz's Dreamy New Single

He may have toured with Brand New and Taking Back Sunday, but Bonz's music is way more nuanced and interesting than you'd expect from those credentials.


VICE Exclusive: Cure Your Disco Fever with Boulevards' 'Forgot to Mention'

The song sounds like it's made to be listened to while wearing leather pants and sweating joyously.


VICE Exclusive: Listen to Iles's New Song, 'In Tents'

The track is from his upcoming record, Apartments, and its twisting lead guitar and songwriting nods to Walkmen-inspired 00s rock.


Pocket Hercules's 'Divers' Is So Good I Wish I Sat Next to the Singer at Work

This dude who sits next to me is in a band, and he's been looking for a site to premiere a tune. I said, "If only you worked at a multibillion-dollar media company where all your co-workers liked your music and were totally cool with nepotism!"