Let Foehammer's Sludgy Doom Take You on a Voyage to Middle Earth

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Artist Uses 150-Year-Old Photography Technique to Create These Chilling Images

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Al Capone, Bloodthirsty Mobster, Was Actually an Alright Dad

While Al Capone's criminal life has been written about endlessly, his personal life is still a mystery. A new book explores what the gangster was like beyond his profession.


A Myth of Two Souls

The epic story of a prince and princess in exile unfolds in this ethereal series by photographer Vasantha Yogananthan.


Meet the Performance Artist Transforming into Mythical Trolls

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The Legend of Zelda, Link and the Mythos of Milk

1998's 'Ocarina of Time' is an amazing game that only gets better the deeper you analyse it. Case in point: the role of Lon Lon Milk.


Sci-Fi Paintings Show How Strange Being a Tween Girl Is

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Biology and Mythology Meet in Psychedelic Sculptures

'When Two Are In One' features 11 specially commissioned sculptures by Matthew Ronay that explore reproduction, the human body and more.


​Why the Urban Legend of the Jersey Devil Won't Die

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Inside Matthew Barney’s Solid Gold Shit Show

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Delving Into The Drexciyan Deep: The Essential James Stinson

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Observe Your Own Death at the Shaman Art Show

Get in touch with the spirits of good and evil at 'Lexicon Infernali' at the Stephen Romano Gallery's new Bushwick location.