'I Don't Know How Much of Diego Is Left' – The Turbulent Life of Maradona

We spoke to Oscar-winning director Asif Kapadia about his new documentary, 'Diego Maradona', which tells the story of one of the most iconic footballers of all time.
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the magic of el diego

Our Darling, Our Diego: How Naples Fell in Love With Maradona

It is often taken as a truism that no man is bigger than the club, but Diego Maradona's stint at Napoli challenges this. During a glorious and at times chaotic seven years in Naples, Maradona brought a whole city under his spell.
Mike Meehall Wood
pizza made from frustration and spite

Naples Restaurant Offers Cut-Price Pizza To Coincide With Gonzalo Higuain’s First Injury at Juventus

This throws up a unique ethical conundrum: is it okay to profit from someone else’s suffering, if there’s delicious pizza involved?
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A Reddit Table Explains Why Today's Transfers Are Actually Less Overpriced Than in Previous Years

Juventus paid 90 million euros for Gonzalo Higuain. A reddit table shows us that perhaps the fee is not so exorbitant, at least in comparison to previous transfers.
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Masked Gunman Robs Napoli Striker, Asks Him to Score a Goal for Him

Criminals in Naples are pretty audacious.
Sean Newell
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Maurizio Sarri Gets £15,000 Fine, Two-Game Ban for Homophobic Slurs

Sarri neither confirmed nor denied his use of the words, but sent a preemptive apology anyway.
Liam Daniel Pierce

There's a New Generation of Young Mafia Members Terrorising Naples

Apparently they are hard to fight because their crimes don't follow any rational way of thinking.
Raffaella R Ferrè
The Sundaes Issue

To Live and Die in Naples

Mario Spada is a photographer from Naples.
Tim Small; Photos: Mario Spada