No Man Has a Voice Like Colter Wall

The country music wunderkind speaks on his new album 'Songs of the Plains,' 11 tracks of vintage country and heartbroken triumph. Stream it now.


Deep-Fried Oysters with Big Mac Sauce Are French-American Fusion Done Right

Andy Taylor, chef and owner of Carte Blanche in East London, describes the indulgent dish as “a Nashville fried chicken recipe on an oyster.”


Nashville Fried Oysters Recipe

Like Nashville hot chicken, but with oysters. And a lot of butter. Oh, and bone marrow, too. Basically, heaven.


Conner Youngblood Is a Beautiful Weirdo Who Likes Places More Than People

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Shannon Shaw Has a Terrifying Band of Giant Teddy Bears in Her New Video

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On "Still Clean," Soccer Mommy's Sophie Allison Is Lonely but Not Fearful

Listen to the latest single from the 20-year-old singer-songwriter's excellent upcoming album, 'Clean.'


Sturgill Simpson Busks Outside the CMAs, Calls Donald Trump a "Fascist"

Busking outside country music's biggest night, Simpson called Donald Trump a "fascist fucking pig" and raised $13 for the ACLU.


Becoming Isolated with Bully’s Alicia Bognanno

The Nashville punks return with a fierce sophomore effort, ‘Losing.’ In order to get here, the band and its leader Bognanno had to go to hell and back.


The Art Rock Rebellion of Torres

On her third LP, 'Three Futures,' Mackenzie Scott lets go of her fears, celebrates the body, and finds comfort in acceptance. She tells us that she's just making up for lost time.


Karen Elson Has Found the Shoreline

Six years after her split from Jack White—and the tabloid frenzy it fed—Elson has made her own land on 'Double Roses.'


Privileged White People Have Gone Too Far

A self-described "Earth folk yoga songstress" just released a song called "Ghetto" and it is worse than you can even imagine.


Angaleena Presley Doesn't Need Nashville, but Nashville Needs Her

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