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Kyle Walker on Winning Skateboarder of the Year and the Mad Winds of Oklahoma

We sat down with the reigning Skateboarder of the Year to discuss winning the prestigious accolade and his unlikely beginnings in the sport.
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Talking Skate Culture and Culture Shocks With Sean Malto at The Dew Tour

VICE Sports catches up with Malto to discuss the life of a professional skater, and the changing world of skateboarding itself.
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the future of british skateboarding

Skating Paris and London With Kyron Davis and Casper Brooker

We headed to République and Baysixty6 to speak to two of the most exciting young skateboarders to come out of Britain in recent years.
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love park love-in

Josh Kalis Recalls the Glory Days of Love Park

The iconic Love Park closed last year but its significance in the skateboarding world lives on. We spoke to one of its most famous sons, Josh Kalis, about the importance of Philadelphia's finest.
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trouser talk with pro skaters

If the Shoe Fits: In Conversation with Gilbert Crockett

We caught up with pro skateboarder Gilbert Crockett in London to discuss his influences, designing a new shoe for Vans, and why the world is so fascinated by his trousers.
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Ken Block

Powersliding On The Precipice: In Conversation With Ken Block

Not only is Ken Block renowned as the co-founder of DC Shoes, he's also become one of the world's most ambitious stunt drivers. Here, we talk to him about filming his world-famous Gymkhana series, and driving to the absolute limit.
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Life and Death On The Mountain: In Conversation With John McGuinness

As one of the greatest Isle of Man TT racers of all time, John McGuinness has felt his fair share of elation and tragedy out on the course. Here, we speak to him about life, death, family and lost friends.
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wes kremer

Another Way to Live: Wes Kremer on Winning Skateboarder of the Year and Blacking Out in Rome

Skateboarding is currently struggling through an uneasy relationship with the mainstream. That's why it's good that guys like Wes Kremer – uncomplicated, friendly and disinterested in fashion – still exist within the sport.
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The Man Who Can Unite the Nation: We Spoke to Mo Farah Ahead of Rio 2016

With Rio 2016 only a few weeks away, we spoke to Mo Farah about dealing with pressure, recapturing the spirit of London 2012 and becoming one of the most recognisable athletes in world sport.
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an interview with rory mcilroy

Fame, Golf and Relentless Squats: A Candid Chat With Rory McIlroy

Having met up with McIlroy at a fitness event in London, we chatted to the Northern Irish golf prodigy about success, the spotlight and the searing exposure that comes with it.
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​Chasing the Frontside Grind: One Boozy Evening With Europe's Top Skateboarder

Daan Van Der Linden is currently living every skateboarder's dream – and surpassing his idols in the process. Nonetheless, the Dutchman is staying true to his roots.
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nitro circus

"You Can't Not Live" – Travis Pastrana Talks Danger and Domesticity

We spoke to X Games legend Travis Pastrana about his Nitro Circus Live tour, balancing safety with spectacle, and life as a family man.
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