national living wage


New Report Says UK Restaurant Industry Could Be Headed for a Crash

“The growth outlook of the [hospitality] industry is uncertain, given the pressures of the National Living Wage, increases in business rates, and the potential availability of labour following the UK’s exit from the EU.”


It's 'Living Wage Week' and Workers Are Still Fighting for an Incredibly Basic Level of Pay

I went to a Halloween-themed picket at a cinema, but the really scary thing is that any British workers have to fight to avoid living in poverty.


The High Street Hall of Shame: All the Companies Ripping Off Their Employees Over the Living Wage

The introduction of a national living wage should have been a good thing, but some bad bastard employers on the high street are using it as an excuse to cut benefits. Here they are, rounded up, for you to ogle at.


Companies Are Celebrating the New Living Wage By Finding Ways to Not Pay People

in other great news, food bank usage is on the up.