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sex abuse

A Tidal Wave of Sex Abuse Lawsuits Is About to Hit New York's Catholic Churches and Boy Scouts

Survivors of child sexual abuse in the state can sue their attacker, no matter how long ago the abuse happened, starting today.
Carter Sherman
4 days ago
climate change

Climate Change May Be Spawning Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Put them together with "brain-eating" amoeba and it's shaping up to be a summer from hell.
Alex Norcia

Inside the Strange, Messy Fight to Legalize Weed in New Jersey

A plan for recreational pot in liberal New Jersey fell apart. It points to the snags that can arise when politicians try to get in the social-justice game.
Alex Norcia

Legalizing Weed In the US Has Become a Race Between Lame Dads

New York and New Jersey are jockeying to see who might get it done first – a year after one of their governors called pot a "gateway drug."
Alex Norcia

Arguments About Trump Have Been Ruining the Jersey Shore All Summer

Supporters and opponents of the president have been rubbing elbows at the beach, with combustable results.
David J. Dent

Live Worms Slither Out of Half-Eaten Fish Dish, Restaurant Somehow Mad at Customer

A Jersey Shore restaurant is upset with a diner for putting them on blast.
Ian Burke
Jersey, Sure

I Became a Caddy at Trump's Golf Club Doing What Trump Does Best: Lying

Carrying a bag was a big part of the job. Even bigger? Massaging the egos of very rich men.
Alex Norcia

We Love Pizza But These Pizza Bouquets Are Gonna Be a No From Us, Dawg

We get it, you love pizza.
Jelisa Castrodale
Jersey Shore

Pauly D Got Invited to the Party, and He's Never Leaving

Yeah, buddy.
Alex Norcia
true crime

What Life Is Really Like at Martin Shkreli's New Prison Home

"Shkreli needs to realise that serving time in federal prison comes with discomfort."
Seth Ferranti
New music

Forth Wanderers' Sub Pop Debut Is Damn Good, and You Can Stream It Now

The New Jersey five-piece's Sub Pop debut rules. Listen to it now so your friends will think you're cool.
Alex Robert Ross
The VICE Guide to Right Now

'The Sopranos' Is Coming Back, and So Is Its Famous Strip Club

The club that housed the Bada Bing is back in business.
Alex Norcia