New Museum


Sarah Lucas's Perverse, Feminist Art is Vital in the #MeToo Era

Her crass, daring work resonates as a funny exploration of gender in an especially unfunny time for women.


New Museum Launches Free Downloadable VR App

New Museum and Rhizome's ‘Artists VR’ is a virtual exhibition featuring leading voices in the VR field: Jeremy Couillard, Jacolby Satterwhite, Jayson Musson, Rachel Rossin, Peter Burr and Porpentine, and Jon Rafman.


Youth Collective Teaches You How to Scam the Patriarchy

Woke youths gather at the New Museum for workshops on urban herbalism and self defense.


Inside Pipilotti Rist's Psychedelic 'Pixel Forest' at the New Museum

The Swiss mixed-media artist explores the limits of human perception through sound and video works in her new show at the New Museum.


The Best Museums of the World In a Blink of an Eye

Check out this visual, animated reminder that museums are works of art themselves.


Semi-Public Acupuncture Penetrates a Museum

On pins and needles for social activism with artist Simone Leigh.


The Wicked Comedy of Nicole Eisenman's Allegorical Paintings

New Museum Artistic Director Massimiliano Gioni discusses the painter’s first New York Survey.


The New Museum Enters a New Dimension | Insta of the Week

Fresh off a huge investment, the New Museum's already breaking the basic laws of physics.


Anri Sala Unravels Ravel at the New Museum

In 'Anri Sala: Answer Me,' the video artist weaves narratives through sound.


Fatima Al Qadiri’s ‘Brute’ is the Powerful Political Album We've Been Waiting For

The Kuwait-raised producer's second LP takes on police brutality and authoritarianism in America.


The Art of Everyday Not Perfect Surfaces

Cheryl Donegan's conceptual works show the burdensome details of the domestic avant garde.


'The Things I'm Interested in Have to Be Cheap and Strange': Talking to Artist Jim Shaw

Before his retrospective at the New Museum closes, the iconic "lowbrow" artist discussed his disdain for art fairs as well as his appreciation for stuff with a "psychotic undercurrent."