new neighbours

Young refugees from across Europe guest edit


How to Be Fashionable on a Budget

"I might not have an ID card or any other documents, but fashion is my way of saying: 'I am Abdoullaye, this is who I am.'"


The Differences Between School in Eritrea and School in Europe

It took some time, after moving to Switzerland, to be able to tell people apart. To me, in the beginning, all these light-skinned people looked alike.


How to Make a Birthday Cake for Some Lovely Swedish People

Reza from Afghanistan baked his guardian, Marina, a cake to say "Cheers for helping out!"


A Playlist of Songs I Listened to While Trying to Get from Syria to Europe

Ever since I was 10, I've been into metal.


Schnitzel and Institutional Racism: Afghan Teens on Life in Europe

"I have experienced war and now I need a quiet life. Please don't judge me because of that."


I Escaped Syria but I Can't Escape European Bureaucracy

Which is why I developed an app to help other refugees like myself deal with the Dutch authorities.


What I Learned Trying to Become a Pro Footballer in the UK

I think you have to be a bit faster and stronger, if you want to play professionally in Europe.


All the Gaffes I've Made Since Arriving in the UK

I'd never been to a big shopping centre before. How was I supposed to know you're not allowed to take your trousers off?


How a Wrestling Club Became My New Home in Germany

Although my teammates and I speak different languages, we are a team.


I'm Better at Parkour Than You, Bruv

My entire life revolves around the fact that I am a refugee, but parkour helps me forget the stuff that I can't forget otherwise.


On Fleeing Egypt and Studying Filmmaking in France

The repression of my homosexuality and the brutality of the Egyptian regime pushed me to leave Cairo forever.