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Tallsaint's Pop Takes Tiny Intimacies and Makes Them Huge

Here's everything you need to know about the Leeds artist, alongside her new video “Hard Love.”


Glasgow, Goth-Pop and Romance: Meet The Ninth Wave

We're premiering a new video from the duo, “Used To Be Yours”. Here's everything you need to know about them.


Obongjayar's "Frens" Session is Pure Loving Energy

This is how to play a song live!


Sorry Wrote a Thumping, Eerie Jealousy Anthem (Including Sax!)

We're premiering "Jealous Guy" – no, not that one – from the south London band today.


Emily Burns Understands That Relationships Are Weird As Hell

And her bright new pop track “Too Cool” is sort of about exactly that.


Drill Artist Loski Is Dripping with Flair

He blew 20 grand in one month and is feeling “Boasy” about it. We're premiering his latest single today.


Georgia Is Back with a Euphoric, Late-Night Dance Sound

The drummer-singer-producer's “Started Out” sits somewhere between 80s Chicago house and what you might stick on an Uber AUX at 4AM.


Bask In The Cool, Euphoric Ambience of Tom Demac and Real Lies' "White Flowers"

The London band's latest track evokes one mission: let's meet at the crossroads where plants and electronic music combine.


Oh Damn, Rina Sawayama’s “Cherry” Is a Sugary, Pansexual Bop

This is one of the rising UK pop artist's most confessional tracks to date.


I Am Floating and I Am Listening to Ben Khan's New Track "ruby"

How does this song feel? Like sailing into the wind on a magic carpet made from dreams.


Steel Banglez is One of the Best Producers in the UK Right Now

"Your Lovin'" is the latest in a series of heaters that prove his ability to set alight the charts and the streets.


Let’s Eat Grandma Are Already Redefining Their Sublime, Weirdo Pop

We’re premiering the teen duo's video for new summer banger “It's Not Just Me”, co-produced by SOPHIE and Faris Badwan.