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Give Up On Your New Year’s Resolution Now

Or prove me wrong. Spite is a great motivator.


New Year's Eve Is Hell for Restaurant Workers

We spoke to a commis-chef at a London restaurant to find out what it’s really like behind a stove on the biggest social night of the year, missing out while their friends trip balls and body-shot their way into the New Year.


Every Cocktail Recipe You Need to Survive New Year’s Eve

Give 2016 the send off it deserves with a cocktail from one of MUNCHIES’ favourite bartenders. Guaranteed to be more fun than the “rad nye house party!!!” you got a Facebook invite for in November.


Tama Sumo, Ben Klock, and More to Play Berghain’s New Year Party

The two-part marathon begins on New Year’s Day.


Two Nights a Year, I Allow My Entire Kitchen to Do Tons of Drugs

Drugs are taboo in my kitchen, except on two nights a year: the night before King's Day, and New Year's Eve. On those nights, we go crazy.


Inside the Former Yugoslavian President's Lavish New Year Parties

Josip Broz Tito, the post-WWII leader of former Yugoslavia, didn't let communist purse-tightening keep him from larging it at New Year's.


How We Should Talk About Mental Health in 2016

We talk about mental health now more than ever before, but are we getting the help we need? Here's what needs to happen this year.


Muay Thai in the New Year

We spent the New Year in rural Thailand, where fighters compete in match after match, hoping for experience, exposure, and extra money for their families.


Why 2016 Is About to Be a Nightmare for Us All

Floods, mass shootings, and right-wing nationalism are all things we can look forward to in the next 12 months.


Warehouse Project Just Announced Their Colossal New Year's Line Ups

Two nights, and two monumental bills.