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The Slow Death of NYC's Iconic $1 Pizza Slice

Since the 2008 recession, New Yorkers have turned to $1 slice counters for a quick lunch or drunken reprieve. But nothing gold can stay.


I Survived Solely on Sparkling Wine for a Weekend at the Chateau Marmont

My Chateau Marmont vibe is always, “Drink as much sparkling wine by the pool as possible," but I've got one secret that helps fuel me through delicious bottles of sparkling wine while dodging a seemingly steep bill.


New Yorkers Have a Duty: Be Rude to the Trumps

Don't stop your dog from barking at them. Don't take their money. If you're making coffee for them, make it wrong.


Why Clubs Like Pulse Are So Essential to the LGBTQ Community, According to New Yorkers During Pride

"If you lived in the middle of nowhere and there was a gay bar 20 miles away, that would be your only sanctuary."


Portraits of the Big City Dwellers Who the Rest of Us Ignore

Photographer Chase Hall's new book features 62 pages of intimate portraits of New York City's disenfranchised – from the homeless to local children.


How One Little Old Woman Used a Rent Loophole to Live in a Hotel for Decades

The life and times of Fannie Lowenstein, who lived in a rent-controlled suite in a luxurious hotel and once crossed paths with Donald Trump.


Pizza Rat Is the Only Real New Yorker

Live in New York long enough and you'll know a New Yorker on sight – rich or poor, black or white, young or old, Prada or Gucci, all true New Yorkers have hustle, and Pizza Rat has got it.


Is New York Getting Too Loud, or Are New Yorkers Just Too Whiny?

Noise complaints in NYC are way up this summer, but it's not clear the decibel levels are actually rising.


The Prime Minister of Dick Is the Best Penis Artist on Earth

Meet the Prime Minister of Dick, or PMD for short. He's a South African artist who "slings dicks and dicktures" for a living – i.e. absurd, surreal and sometimes brilliant illustrations of penises.


Hello to All That: Why I'm Staying in New York Until I Die

Despite all the pessimism, the too-damn-high rents and the trend pieces about mass migrations to LA, I'm staying right where I am. Here's why.